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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

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This includes all 9 reports along with a complimentary copy of your grant deed or other record of title. Also 1 year access to our services.
It typically takes 5 to 21 days from the time of your order.
Yes. We use the latest SSL security on our site to protect credit card information.
No, we are a private company providing a service. We have no affilation with your county or any government agency.
Give us a call during business hours and we will track your package or send you another.
Your deed is always available at the county and it does state that on our letter, however the property profile report is not. It is a proprietary report our company compiles specifically for your property including previous liens, transfers, comparable sales, flood reports and more.
Most of the time the original stays at the county office. The situation where you may get the original is if your title company, lawyer or county, records the deed electronically and hands or sends you the original after recording.
This is the date we would like you to respond by. We can only retain data for so long because of the costs so we ask that you respond by a certain date to keep the cost of data storage to a minimum.